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Melatrol Natural Sleep Aid

Even loosing sleep a few nights a week can significantly impair your ability to function and decrease the quality of your life. You know by now how you feel without a proper sleep: fatigue, irritability and a loss of concentration are high on the ‘side effects list’ for insomnia. Melatrol:

- Helps you Relax
- Combats Stress
- No Known Side Effects
- 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
- Helps Stimulate the Sleep Process
- No Prescription Necessary

An Effective Stress Remedy

Studies have shown that insufficient sleep is the leading cause for stress related diseases. Your 7-9 hours of downtime every night actually help you eliminate stress, regenerate your energy levels, repair any damages in your body and recover or fight off diseases. Stress and a lack of sleep can cause a variety of health related problems, many of which can be serious.

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Improve the Quality of your Sleep

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Insomnia does not only apply to people who cannot sleep at all; many people suffer from sleeping disorders such as difficulty falling asleep, sleeping through the night and even more commonly a lack of quality sleep. Sleep is not only necessary in quantity, but even more importantly quality. Do you sleep through the night but wake up exhausted? Perhaps you are getting the number of hours you need, but not the deep sleep you need just as much! What people don’t know that this problem is now easily solved! Melatrol will help you fall asleep faster, deeper and provides you with a better quality sleep so you can enjoy a productive day! There is no need to depend on caffeine to get you going in the morning; there is no need to put up with mood swings and anxiety due to a lack of sleep!

Aside from health problems a lack of sleep also causes serious car accidents; thousands of people a year fall asleep behind the wheel, while they toss and turn at night. Thousands more cause car accidents because of slow reflexes caused by sleepless nights.

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How do problems sleeping develop?

Insomnia or trouble falling asleep can develop at any time for no apparent reason, but it often occurs in adults when they are under stress or going through changes in lifestyle. Considering adequate sleep is the “key ingredient” to overcoming stress and diseases, as well as preventing them, you have to take matters into your own hands so you will no longer suffer from insomnia.

While many people are affected by sleep disorders, relatively few treat them properly. Prescription drugs are not always the answer; although doctors readily prescribe them they should be avoided whenever possible. Aside from the potentially addictive nature of prescription drugs, many of the side effects can be worse than the actual sleep deprivation.

Lack of Sleep can cause:

1. Depression and Anxiety
2. Delayed Reflexes
3. Mental and Physical Exhaustion
4. Slower metabolism
5. Slow recovery from infections and diseases
6. Depressed immune system
7. Decreased attention span
8. Irritability

Aside from these problems, a lack of sleep takes a toll on brain function. In a person who is sleep-deprived, one part of the brain shuts down. Because you are using only half your brain, the working half will work far harder to compensate. This is a method by which the brain tries to overcome sleep deprivation, but regardless of it, a person suffering from a lack of sleep performs far worse on mental tasks than someone well rested. In fact, studies performed in Australia have shown that sleep deprivation also affects behavior and can be as damaging as alcohol abuse!

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Melatrol has combined quality natural ingredients to combat your insomnia on a long term basis: compounds such as melatonin and gamma amino butyric acid are commonly found in healthy people, however many individuals do not produce enough of these compounds, and as a result experience trouble falling asleep and sleeping through the night.

Melatonin normally regulates your body’s perception of “night” and “day” and stimulates sleep when night falls. In people suffering from insomnia often do not produce enough of this compound. Stress and a hectic lifestyle can also cause lower levels of melatonin, as well as GABA (gamma amino butyric acid), both essential compounds to stimulate sleep.

Why would you continue battling insomnia if you can easily fall asleep using Melatrol tonight?

Melatrol combines the benefit of immediate results with long term effects. Melatonin will help you fall asleep instantly, whereas Valerian will take longer to take full effect, but it will aid your body to regulate your own sleeping patterns so instead of developing an addiction, like commonly happens with prescription drugs, you will actually need to use Melatrol less and less over time.

The ingredients in Melatrol have been carefully balanced to complement each other and produce positive results in a relatively short time. The melatonin will give instant effects, while the valerian will increase its effects slowly over time and stimulate your body to fall asleep on its own again. Melatrol is not addictive and no serious side effects have been found in relation to the ingredients. However, if you are taking prescription drugs you should consult your doctor before using any type of supplement, as the drugs you are taking could in rare cases interact with the ingredients of the supplement.

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