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The 1-2-3 Core™ program is designed to stimulate your body's metabolism, facilitating healthy weight loss. How? Each sequence of exercises consists of four sets, which alternate between muscle groups in the upper body, lower body and your core–so you can work longer with less muscle fatigue. This enables you to reduce your rest time between exercises–so you burn more calories than you would with weight lifting alone. And, since your body stays in constant motion, your heart rate stays elevated throughout the workout.

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The Complete System Includes:

- 25-Minute Full Body Workout Video
- Accelerated Core Training Video
- Gunnar's Game Plan Training Journal
- Fitness Flash Cards
- Ab Assault Video   - Bun Battle Video
- Give Me 20 Video  - Full Body Challenge Video


- FUN-damentals Video
- Gunnar's Guide to Effective Eating Meal Plan
- Medium Fitness Ball & Foot Pump

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Why Use Core Secrets?

To successfully train your core, you need a wide variety of exercises that target the muscles from many different angles and planes of motion–and the Core Secrets™ "on-the-ball" system can help you accomplish that. The Fitness Ball's round, mobile surface forces the core muscles to work harder to maintain balance. And unlike traditional exercises and floor-work, the ball enables you to work more muscle groups, with more efficiency–for better, faster results!

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