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Leptoprin® SD by AG Waterhouse

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If you’re significantly overweight, you need a specialized weight control product designed specifically for your needs. That’s why you need A.G. Waterhouse™. Our line of patented, clinically proven Leptoprin® formulations has forged a reputation as the most powerful and effective weight-control compounds ever developed for the significantly overweight. Researchers at A.G. Waterhouse developed Leptoprin-SF, a completely stimulant-free formula designed and proven to help these people their unique weight-control problems. But what about significantly overweight people who weren’t sensitive to stimulants? Is there a Leptoprin formulation for them? Now there is: A.G Waterhouse is proud to introduce Leptoprin-SD — a completely new, clinically demonstrated formulation for significantly overweight people who still want a stimulant-based energy “kick” they’ve come to expect in a “diet pill.”

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