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Sheer Cover

When you order Sheer Cover you will receive:

Mineral Foundation in two shades
Duo Concealer in two shades
Finishing Powder
2 brushes and 1 sponge (applicators)
1 funnel for custom blending
A step-by-step guide filled with important instructions and tips

Additional Bonus at no charge

Purifying Cleanser (2 oz)
Nourishing Moisturizer SPF 15 (1 oz)

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Benefits of Minerals

Minerals are the hottest thing in makeup - and for good reason. Hollywood makeup artists rave about the radiant coverage of mineral powders. Skincare professionals use mineral foundation for special cosmetic needs. You, too, will be amazed at the beautiful, natural coverage you get with Sheer CoverTM.

Sheer CoverTM mineral powders contain no oils, perfumes, dyes or talc - so they're gentle to the skin. Pure mineral pigments lay on top of the skin to provide extraordinary coverage, while mica reflects light to minimize the look of fine lines and give skin a sheer, flawless finish. The minerals work with your skin's natural oils to make imperfections disappear instantly, without looking thick, cakey or dull. You get a luminous, natural look that lasts and lasts.

Sheer Cover'sTM natural minerals are very finely ground, light, easy to apply and cover all kinds of imperfections. They cover the flaws, and let the real you shine throughTM. Sheer CoverTM is recommended for dark circles, age spots, freckles and sun damage - as well as other special cosmetic needs such as scars, acne, and broken capillaries. With Sheer CoverTM virtually any skin imperfection seemingly disappears!

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For Best Results:

Always apply Sheer CoverTM powders to dry skin
If your face is dry and you are concerned about fine lines showing or the foundation looking cakey, apply Sheer CoverTM Nourishing Moisturizer SPF 15 before the Mineral Foundation.
Allow moisturizer to be fully absorbed before continuing with your Sheer CoverTM routine.

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Flawless coverage guaranteed!

We're so sure that Sheer CoverTM will work for you, we give you our 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are not delighted with the results, simply return the System and we'll refund the purchase price (less shipping and handling) even if the containers are empty. You have nothing to lose, and flawless skin to gain!

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