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ZIRH Restore - Herbal Eye Cream

RESTORE makes the delicate skin around the eyes stronger, healthier and more resilient, locking in moisture on the surface. Includes caffeine, to stimulate circulation underneath your eyes and help remove dark circles under the eyes. Unbeatable after a long flight, or a rough night.

Active ingredients: Caffeine Extract, Chamomile Extract, Cucumber Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Pycnogenol®

How to Use: Apply a small amount to the area under the eyes and tap lightly into the skin. Use once or twice daily or whenever you see excess puffiness or dark circles. Note: If the root cause of dark circles may be an allergy or sinus issue, consider seeing your doctor - no product can fully eliminate these.

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For a straightforward, daily shaving regimen. Includes PREPARE Shave Oil, SHAVE GEL (jar size) and SOOTHE Post-shave Healer, packed in clear ZIRH bag.

How to Use: 1) Massage a few drops of PREPARE on the face and neck. Apply to wet, clean skin.
2) Pat a very thin layer of SHAVE GEL on shaving area. Shave.
3) Pour a small amount of SOOTHE on fingers and smooth onto shaved area.

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Commit to a meaningful anti-aging regimen and see the results for years to come. Includes CLEAN Face Wash, CORRECT Vitamin Serum, RESTORE Herbal Eye Cream and REJUVENATE Anti-aging Cream. Packed in a compact, silver travel bag.

How to Use: 1) Wet your face and work a small amount of CLEAN over face and neck. Rinse. Use once or twice a day. Decrease use if dryness occurs.
2) Apply a small amount of RESTORE to your ring finger and pat onto the area under the eyes. Use daily or throughout the day to reduce puffiness or dark circles.
3) Squeeze a small amount of CORRECT on your fingers and smooth onto face and neck. Use once or twice daily.
4) Apply a small amount of REJUVENATE on your fingers and smooth onto face and neck. Use up to twice daily, especially before bed.

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General Questions about ZIRH Products

Can women use ZIRH products? Women can use any or all of ZIRH's products.

Is ZIRH Hypoallergenic? ZIRH believes that advertising products as "hypoallergenic" can be misleading because humans may be allergic to anything. ZIRH products are allergy tested.

Where is ZIRH Made? ZIRH products are manufactured in the USA. Some components, such as the bags are kits are packed in, may be imported.

Are ZIRH products tested on animals? No. All ZIRH products are tested on consenting adults in lab settings and focus groups. This is unlike most drugstore-quality mens' products, which are made by large corporations that do employ animal testing.


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